Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy 50 th Larry!

Last night we went to Larry's birthday. He turned 50 yesterday and he decided to have a big reunion with all his old friends from way back when. The whole gang was there. Larry, Curly, Mo, Billy Ray Cyrus and the Big Guy all in one room, remembering the good old days over a glass of red wine.

Around 10 o'clock the men went off to get a tour of Larry's work shop in the garage. I don't know what happened out there but, when they got back, the knee slappin', belly laughin' stories started to fly. Maybe it was being around all of those power tools and 2 x 4's that gave them a testosterone rush.

If, like me, you are the mother of a teenage boy, you may want to close your eyes and move on to the next blog before reading any further. Some of the stories I'm about to share with you may give you heart the very least you should keep your angina medication close at hand if you dare to keep reading.

There we ladies sit, enjoying our wine quietly when the guys return from the shop. As they all boisterously settle into their chairs, one husband says to the other husbands "Remember the time we were all in my 4 x 4 and we landed up sliding down that cliff?! Man, was I ever praying we wouldn't go over! Good thing it was dark that night so we couldn't see how far down it was!"

WWHAAAAAT? Tamara's eyes widen is SHOCK!

"How about that time you flipped your truck and me and mom happened to drive past and see the accident? You were already at the hospital and the police man told mom that her son would have to change his speedy ways or he wouldn't live to give her grandkids? You shoulda' seen mom's EXPRESSION! Ha ha ha, ho, ho, ho! Poor mom just didn't have a clue!"

WWWWWHHHHAAAT?! Tamara's jaw drops too the floor!!!!

"Hey, how about that time we were driving to Vancouver and my radar detector went off so I JAMMED on the brakes and almost got rear ended. Boy, that guy behind us was so mad! Ha, ha, ha........I almost peed my pants when he cut us off and we did a 360 spin into the grassy median! Good thing we managed to miss those two light posts or we would've been road kill. Ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho, he, he, he!"

WWWWWHHHHHHAAATTTT?! Tamara says a quiet "thank you" to the guardian angel who was "on call" that night!

WARNING TO ALL SQUEAMISH MOTHER'S OF TEEAGE SONS: Do not read further or you may suffer some shortness of breath and dizziness.

Another husband pipes up "Remember the time the POLICE followed us home and right into the driveway. They're tellin' us to put our hands on the hood of the car. Then we realize there's no INSURANCE in the car so Mo has to sneek around the backside and throw it in while they're not lookin'! Ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho!"

WWWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAATTTT? Would somebody please tell me where your MOTHER'S where during all this kafuffle in the driveway?!

Well, Larry, Happy 50 th Birthday. It was great to get together and reminisce about old times. Here's a group shot of all the guys together again.......

(This picture has been slightly altered to protect the identities of all parties concerned )

What a shame that the only sort of 4 x 4 fun in your future looks something like this........


4 Responses to “Happy 50 th Larry!”

Tootsie said...

well...happy day to Larry! wow...I don't know him, but he seems like there is never a dull moment!
Things are getting down right dirty in that greenhouse of mine! I will be posting soon...thanks for the visit!

Rosa said...

I try not to think about what's really going on. . .

Fifi Flowers said...

Boys will be boys at every age!

Cote de Texas said...

lvoe this! too funny, you crack me up.