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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Hooked on Keepin' It Fun!

I'm excited today because it's Friday........and you know what that means........that means it's time to reveal our music video that we've been working on for the last few weeks. We've been pretty much HOOKED on this project for a month now and it's been a lot of fun!

I know, you're thinking "Why is she making a music video if she's in the greenhouse business?".

Just in case you didn't already realize from reading my blog, I have to tell you "We're not a normal greenhouse at Darvonda!". We do things different so that we stand out from the crowd and, trust me, there are no other greenhouses out there making MUSIC videos for training purposes. Training people is a tough job so we try to make things easy........and this video is a perfect example of how we are going to teach our people out in the garden centers that WATERING is THE MOST IMPORTANT job they will ever do during the day. Let's face it, we don't buy the plants that are wilted and dead. We know that they won't do well in the garden. So........I'm being pro active and training everyone to "Get That Hose and Just Spray!".

Oh, and just a warning.......there is a glitch in the video somewhere around the end where you can hear us girls laughin' and talkin' away which needs to be removed from the final version.......we're working hard on fixing the problem :)

The other thing I like about Friday's is the fact that it's "A Beautiful Life" Friday where we get to share what things really matter to us in life and I have to tell ya' that my FAMILY really matters to me. They bring me so much JOY and LOVE.......well, you just have to see how much fun we had making the video to see why.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The View From My Office

I cannot believe it.........this is the view from my upstairs office at this very moment. Can you believe it??!! It's snowing like CRAZY!

Sob, sob, sniff, sniff.........

When will it ever be SPRING?!


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Musical Interlude with 4 of the 5 Jansen Kids


Music Video Update

The music video is starting to come together people! I'm trying to get the whole thing finished before the end of the week so we really knuckled under to get the filming done. Today we filmed up on the mezzanine because..........well........I thought it would look real cool! Look at Mini Me just rockin' the house up there.

So, Opera Diva was working the camera and filming from the SKY JACK. We had to get an extra person to run the scissor lift because we wanted to have a bit of video shot from below, slowing panning upwards until we were equal in height. We're going for a bit of an artsy, fartsy kinda feel to our music video. We're hopin' that it will go VIRAL once we put it on You Tube.

I was the stylist for this shoot. I'm afraid I went a little hog wild at Walmart and Value Village buying a bunch of different outfits. I needed stuff that said SPRING since this is a video about spring plants. Bright colored umbrellas, rubber boots, hats and scarves were the perfect choice, I figured.

I must say, I have a renewed admiration for all the ladies on those MTV videos that dance like crazy for the cameras........I was getting a major side cramp from all that boppin' and jumpin' we were doin'. Man, I'm getting WAAAAYYY too old to be bouncing around like an 18 year old!

So, tomorrow I've got my little Angel working full tilt on editing the footage we got. I'll be bringing her tea, cookies, fresh veggies, whatever she wants, so that she doesn't need to leave her computer for even a second. I can't WAIT to see how it's gonna turn out!


Sunday, February 22, 2009

I'm Practicing For The Next Phase of My Life!

Look at me........I'm morphing into the next phase in my life.........I'm becoming grandma. I'm going through a massive metamorphosis and lovin' every minute of it :)

It wasn't long ago that I was a Mother of 5 little kids.

The next thing I knew, I was the Mom of 5 teenagers.

Then I became the Mom of a married daughter.

Before I could blink, my Little Angel ushered me into the next stage of life.......Gramma hood!

Thanks for letting me practice yesterday on the newest addition to your family, Lisa. Little Carson is just the rest of your growing clan. You're the best Gramma I know and I'm honored to be able to have you as my mentor!
But, no matter what you say, I will NOT give up my platform high heels! My grand babies are going to learn to appreciate a good pair of ladies shoes if it's the last thing I do :)
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Today is "Hockey Day in Canada"

It's a BIG day up in Canada today because it's the official day to celebrate our national sport, HOCKEY! Can I here everyone say "Woo hoo!" ?!
In honor of our official Hockey Day, today I dedicate my post to Danny Boneduce and his hockey addiction. He LOVES his hockey, that's for sure. Last night he had a really BIG game. 4 guys from the team were missing and he was feeling a huge responsibility to carry the team during their time of need. We hopped in the van and raced off to the rink for a 7 o'clock game. The Big Guy and I like to eat dinner in the restaurant above the rink where we have a great view of the action.

Danny goes off to the locker room and within a few minutes he come back out with a look of sheer panic on his face.

"Mom, I forgot some of my equipment at home! I left my helmet, shoulder pads and elbow pads on the deck to dry. Without them, they won't let me on the ice. Can you phone Aunty Lisa and see if she has some extra equipment I can use?" he pleads.

Right about this time I'm starting to feel my blood pressure rise and my heart is beginning to palpitate. I mean, this is serious stuff. The TEAM is allready down 4 players and now Danny is at risk of being the 5 th. We just can't let this happen.

We call Aunty Lisa, who is the epitome of a hockey mom, because she lives 5 minutes away from the rink and is sure to have old stuff we can use. But she's not what? Let's call Timmy, her son. He'll have something we can use!

SCORE! Timmy has some stuff we can borrow so we race off to pick it up (see Timmy below). Thanks Timmy! You're the BEST! Danny Boneduce remains at the rink to put on whatever gear he does have in his bag while the Big Guy and I race of for the pick up.

Suddenly the cell phone's Danny......."Uhmmmm, can you ask Timmy if I can borrow his........uhhhhh.........his...... mfmblfm.......too?".

"His what?" I say.


"His what? I can't hear your?" I reply.

"His JOCK STRAP, Mom!"

Hmmmmm. I wonder what Don Cherry would think about borrowing someone else's jock strap?

We finally get to Timmy's and he shoves all his spare gear into my hands, realizing that time is of the essence. The game begins in 5 minutes!

There I am, sittig in the van with the gear in my lap and I suddenly realize that it has been worn recently. VERY recently. Oh what we mother's do for our kids! I wonder if they will every appreciate the lengths we go to :)

Danny Boneduce played his heart out last night........struggling with the helmet that didn't quite fit (that's him in the middle, fiddling with his helmet during a time out). Don Cherry would've been proud. Danny kept trying to adjust it so it would be a bit more comfortable, even asking the Referee for assistance just before facing off.

Well, sad to say, the final score was a little lopsided, in favor of the opposing team. No matter how hard they skated, they just couldn't make things happen. Even though the team was down way too many players, they played hard.......and a good time was had by all........regardless of the score. Too bad Don Cherry wasn't there to see hockey at it's BEST!



Friday, February 20, 2009

Check Out My New Set of Wheels!

Ok, these are not really my new set of wheels.......but the Big Guy would sure love it if they were. Today we spent most of the day today at the Agriculture Show in Abbotsford looking at farm equipment and listening to some amazingly smart guys talk about the economy and the future of farmingand I was............INSPIRED! I love being in the Agriculture industry because it's just so full of potential. I was scratching down notes in my little notepad as fast as I could.

My favorite quote this morning was from a Financial forecaster who spoke for over an hour about the economy and how it affects our farms. He explained that when looking to the future as farmers during these tough economic times we should consider the Noah principle.

The Noah principle says that predicting rain doesn't count.........building an ark does!

Basically it means that the farmers who sit around predicting doom and gloom aren't going to be prepared for what lies ahead. Instead, the farmers have to start coming up with great new ideas that will make their product more relevant to you, the consumer. We need to find a niche that only we can fill. Come up with ways to re-invent ourselves and our produce.
Now you're talkin' my language, baby! I LOVE re-invention! Woo hoo, I have some wild and wonderful re-invention ideas just waiting to be realized........and one of them involves a petting zoo! Life is good when you love what you do!
After those inspiring seminars, the Big Guy and I walked the floor which featured mostly farm equipment like tractors and wood chippers. Now, I have to say, that got pretty boring really quick so I started wandering around the booths looking at random things labels. The more I looked the more I got a little QUEEZY! Oh my! I'm not sure I want to buy one of THESE machines........
Hmmmmm! That can't be too comfortable..........

I definately want to stay away from this machine........Uuuuuugh! That's gross.

All this talk of injury reminds me that we are getting close to a final version of our Employee Handbook. I worked hard on it this week, and it includes a section on "work related injuries" so our people will know what to do in case of emergency.

Here's a sneek peek of how it's looking so far..........My little Angel did the graphic work here and I think it makes the whole booklet super duper! Even our Corporate Vision looks like it's worth reading about.......

And who wouldn't want to read about Vacation Scheduling and Work Related Injuries when it's laid out in such an attractive way......Here's a map of one of our facilities to show all our emergency exits and washroom locations.....and look at our modern new logo! Isn't it just gorgeous?!The next step is to make sure that every employee is familiar with our new handbook so that we comply with government requirements. Anyone know a good employee trainer out there?


Thursday, February 19, 2009

"My Fair Lady" Fantasy Party Theme

I just love beautiful things. In fact, I'm HOOKED on beautiful things. Being in the flower business is so much fun because I'm surrounded by beautiful things every day of the year. But it's what you can DO with flowers that is the most FUN and INSPIRING! Life is just so much better with flowers in it, don't you think? They really make life more BEAUTIFUL.

Last night I was sitting with the girls watching my favorite movie, My Fair Lady which starts my most favorite actress, Audrey Hepburn. She has such grace and charm, the sort that's not easy to find in the world today.

Once the movie was over........I got to thinkin! Uh oh, It's never a good thing when Tamara has time to THINK!

Anyway, I got to thinkin', wouldn't it just be a hoot to have a "My Fair Lady" themed party?! I mean, imagine how beautiful you could set the tables if you went with a black and white theme, just like in the movie! You could incorporate crystal CHANDELIERS..........or lovely lacey WHITE UMBRELLASoh no, wait, BLACK UMBRELLAS.......Orchids would be a must..........candles could set the mood just perfectly.

I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight, I'm so excited about my idea for a party! This would make a GREAT wedding theme too........too bad Opera Diva's only 16 because I'm in the mood to organize a big shindig :)

Now, I found these gorgeous pictures on a fantastic Event Design website from Isreal that you really should check out for yourself. Just click on for some more gorgeous inspiration.

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy 50 th Larry!

Last night we went to Larry's birthday. He turned 50 yesterday and he decided to have a big reunion with all his old friends from way back when. The whole gang was there. Larry, Curly, Mo, Billy Ray Cyrus and the Big Guy all in one room, remembering the good old days over a glass of red wine.

Around 10 o'clock the men went off to get a tour of Larry's work shop in the garage. I don't know what happened out there but, when they got back, the knee slappin', belly laughin' stories started to fly. Maybe it was being around all of those power tools and 2 x 4's that gave them a testosterone rush.

If, like me, you are the mother of a teenage boy, you may want to close your eyes and move on to the next blog before reading any further. Some of the stories I'm about to share with you may give you heart the very least you should keep your angina medication close at hand if you dare to keep reading.

There we ladies sit, enjoying our wine quietly when the guys return from the shop. As they all boisterously settle into their chairs, one husband says to the other husbands "Remember the time we were all in my 4 x 4 and we landed up sliding down that cliff?! Man, was I ever praying we wouldn't go over! Good thing it was dark that night so we couldn't see how far down it was!"

WWHAAAAAT? Tamara's eyes widen is SHOCK!

"How about that time you flipped your truck and me and mom happened to drive past and see the accident? You were already at the hospital and the police man told mom that her son would have to change his speedy ways or he wouldn't live to give her grandkids? You shoulda' seen mom's EXPRESSION! Ha ha ha, ho, ho, ho! Poor mom just didn't have a clue!"

WWWWWHHHHAAAT?! Tamara's jaw drops too the floor!!!!

"Hey, how about that time we were driving to Vancouver and my radar detector went off so I JAMMED on the brakes and almost got rear ended. Boy, that guy behind us was so mad! Ha, ha, ha........I almost peed my pants when he cut us off and we did a 360 spin into the grassy median! Good thing we managed to miss those two light posts or we would've been road kill. Ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho, he, he, he!"

WWWWWHHHHHHAAATTTT?! Tamara says a quiet "thank you" to the guardian angel who was "on call" that night!

WARNING TO ALL SQUEAMISH MOTHER'S OF TEEAGE SONS: Do not read further or you may suffer some shortness of breath and dizziness.

Another husband pipes up "Remember the time the POLICE followed us home and right into the driveway. They're tellin' us to put our hands on the hood of the car. Then we realize there's no INSURANCE in the car so Mo has to sneek around the backside and throw it in while they're not lookin'! Ha, ha, ha, ho, ho, ho!"

WWWWWWHHHHHHHAAAAAATTTT? Would somebody please tell me where your MOTHER'S where during all this kafuffle in the driveway?!

Well, Larry, Happy 50 th Birthday. It was great to get together and reminisce about old times. Here's a group shot of all the guys together again.......

(This picture has been slightly altered to protect the identities of all parties concerned )

What a shame that the only sort of 4 x 4 fun in your future looks something like this........