Friday, January 9, 2009

Rats.....My Newest Challenge!

I know I have been a little neglectful in letting you know what's going on in the greenhouse lately but since there's so much going on at home, I only have so much time to relay the excitement. Each day brings it's new issues and right now I'm dealing with.......well.......RATS!

I guess with all the snow and flooding going on around here, the nasty beasts have been driven indoors.......MY indoors. I woke up the other day to find a RAT TERD on the floor at the foot of my BED! Oh, my. This is NOT good. I couldn't sleep that night, wondering where the critters were while I slept. The next day, I gathered up all my peeps to make a serious search of my room, looking for signs of beasts making nests in unwanted places and guess where we found more RAT POO........UNDER my bed. Yes, you heard me right, UNDER my bed. Oh, my. This is really going badly.

Not only that, things were beginning to smell bad. I called in my favorite Pest Control Guy, my Uncle, and he informed me that the beast had definately expired after ingesting rat poison which was still out in appropriate places from my last infestation. Due to his timely demise, he was now in the beginning stages of decomposition.......somewhere inside the frame of our Jacuzzi tub in the main bathroom. Unfortunately for us, the plumbing for the Jacuzzi tub is accessable from inside our bedroom closet........from whence all the stench was coming.

Last night when the Big Guy got home from his meeting he suggested that perhaps we should go get a hotel for the night because the smell in our room was so disgusting. I suggested that instead, if we dismantled the closet, we could find the carcass and dispose of it........I figured that was a more long term solution.

So, we got to work on our corpse retrieval mission. I found the appropriate tools and we made a really big job of the whole affair.

We tried our best to find it but to no avail! In the end, we hermetically sealed up all holes leading to the jacuzzi tub with plastic and good ol' hockey tape which has solved the STINK issue for the time being. Check back to see if we finally get things under control.

I'm on RAT alert now. NOTE TO SELF: Remove all RAT POISON from the premises when the Grand Baby starts walking :)


5 Responses to “Rats.....My Newest Challenge!”

momofcrt said...

Oh wow RATS? I think mice might not be so bad. We haven't seen any in the house since that episode of mine a month or so ago.
I keep traps baited and poison in discreet places.
I think our cats are definitely helping to keep control of the mice situation though.
Hope you don't get any more in the house. Gross, I wouldn't have slept much either.

Rue said...

Hi Tamara :)

Nice hiney shot LOL I'm just jealous :)

I had a dead mouse in my bedroom wall once and it was awful so I feel for you.

The picture of your vacation were gorgeous and I know exactly what you mean about puddle jumpers... yikes!

Good luck with your scrapbooking resolution :)

In answer to your question... I chose the lighter color yellow under the one I loved and it was perfect.


Rosa said...

I feel for you. Shudder.

dowhatyoulove said...

Hmm, rats. I have to say, I like wildlife, and I try to live and let live, but I have a hard time with Rats for some reason. When Bernie and I were on Adak this summer we lived in a shack that the rats inhabited in the winter, and people in the summer. I dont mind them as long as they are outside..... cant we just put up a sign at the door that they can read?

Erica Feunekes said...
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