Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little More Inspiration

OK, we are still here at Disney World, looking for even deeper inspiration. We're looking for inspiration that will affect our business profoundly.........irreversably...........globally...........or maybe if we stay long enough, some of Walt's enormous optimism will rub off on us and we'll come home with renewed passion, creativity and enthusiasm that will help us stand head and shoulders above the competition :)

Can you tell I'm in SALES?!

Anyway, this evening we had dinner on Main Street where we could watch the light parade pass by while we leisurely sipped a hot cup of coffee. Just look at these gorgeous floats. Are these not just the most inspirational things you have ever seen?!
Uh oh, Tamara's getting an out.......HERE IT COMES.........
Don't you think that we should have a Darvonda FLOAT in the the Fort Langley Day's parade? The parade is held every year in May and we've talked about participating before but we always chicken out at the last minute. Don't you think we could make a FLOAT with the theme "It's A Small World" and have all our employees dress up in their native costumes and sit on a flat deck truck all decked out to celebrate MULTI CULTURALISM, the great Canadian way.
Are you out there Plumber Boy? Whatcha think? Wanna give the Fort Langley Day Parade guys a call? The Big Guy thinks it's a great way to boost morale at Darvonda. Isn't that right, honey?
Anyway........after the parade, we stayed to watch the fireworks display.........Uh oh, Tamara's getting another idea..........wait for it..........
Maybe after the Fort Langley Day parade we could invite everyone to come on down to the greenhouse where we could set off Fireworks in the back yard????!!!!! Hey Plumber Boy.......are ya' with me on this one? Are ya' game? I KNOW I can count on YOU!
Ok, that last idea may be a little over the top but I really wanna do the parade thingy. That would be so much fun!
I just LOVE the Disney INSPIRATION!


5 Responses to “A Little More Inspiration”

Anette said...

You do know how to get ispired! I wish I could have come too!

Rosa said...

Well you've inspired me as well!
I've got something I'm working on as well. I'll tell you all about it when you get back.
Maybe I need to read Walt's biography!
P.S. Take pictures of gardens for me if you can please. :)

marina said...

I'm sure I would have inspired in...everything if I was there!LOL!!!I'll ask Santa a trip to Eurodisney next year! Aside the laptop I forgot to ask this year!

Liz said...


dowhatyoulove said...

Look at those blue skies! And all those lights on the floats. How could someone not be inspired in one way or another in such a place? Walt was an amazing soul.