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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust!

Have I ever got a headache this morning. It's not the flu or a cold. I think it's all that wine I drank last night at my nephew's wedding. We had a really good bottle and we were all having so much fun. And I think my brother-in-law kept filling my glass while I wasn't looking. But what a time we all had......

My sister, mother of the Groom, looked absolutely FAB......

My little great nephew (is there such a thing?) was a heartbreaker in his new suit.......

The flower girls were ADORABLE......

The Big Guy was lookin' dapper........

All the ladies were dressed in colorful finery........

And my niece looked radiant, as you can see, and ready to add another baby to our ranks!

Every wedding reception we've had so far in our family has incorporated games in the entertainment. One of the reasons for that is........well........we don't dance. So, what do you do at a wedding beside dance? Well, you play GAMES :)

Uh oh, here goes the Bride to try figure out which foot belongs to her Groom. Of course, we can't make it easy for her so she has to do this blindfolded. Oh, you poor thing! I think the guys are enjoying this WAAAAAY too much! Good thing someone had some hand sanitizer close by :)

Of course, we can't forget the Groom. His task is to clearly annunciate a list of names while slowly filling his mouth with Marshmallows. His new bride has to guess what her new spouse is saying. Now, my nephew ended up being very adept at this game! He managed to get 8, yes EIGHT Marshmallows in his mouth before he admitted defeat!

Hey, what's this?! That's not the BRIDE.......that's Junior!

Junior, you may NOT go along on the honeymoon. You're a nice guy but you're not THAT nice!


Friday, January 30, 2009

Hooked on GREEN!

Today is "Hooked on Friday" over at Hooked on Houses and that means I get to let everyone out there in blogland in on what I am absolutely "Hooked On" this week. I had to put a lot of thought into it and it suddenly hit me......I'm really hooked on GREEN! Maybe because I've been in the GREENhouse industry for the last 20 years growing GREEN plants in GREEN pots. Really, it's now wonder I'm hooked on GREEN.
I love GREEN because it's VIBRANT......
I just love how FRESH it ALIVE it FUN it GREEN it looks! The pictures you have just seen are all photos of my little Angel's wedding this past September. Would you like to see more? Then just go to the following post and enjoy......

Don't forget to check out what everyone else is "Hooked On" today. Just go to
Just in case you're wondering, these photos (except the final one) were taken by Elizabeth Soergel, wedding photographer. Check out her site here


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Which Colors Should I Choose?

One of my tasks today was to choose the color lineup for our pots for the coming season. It's not easy to pick the's a big responsibility! What if I pick wrong? What if the consumers don't like my choices? Which ones will be the most popular?

Well, I started out with a table full of paint samples from Home Depot spread out so it's easier to see all the different possibilities. Should we go green.......or taupe.......or stone? How's a girl to choose?!

I managed to pick out a few of my favorite tones and set them up side by side and suddenly I realized that I had chosen the same colors as................the dancers from Beauty and the Beast! We just watched it last week while we were at Disney World!!!!!
Hmmmm! Better start over :)


Monday, January 26, 2009

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

I just love enjoy the inspiration I get from experiencing these kinds of things and.......... it's not every day that you get a chance to see all the things you love all in one place at one time but that's what happened last week when we stopped in at the Vizcaya Museum in Miami Florida.

The museum was originally the winter home of Jame Deering, one of the founders of the John Deere Tractor company. He built this home in 1916, inspired by Italian architecture, and filled it with antiques he purchased on European trips that spanned a number of years. The house is filled with gorgeous tapestries, imported marble, ancient vases and incredible art. There is even a working pipe organ that plays every day at noon, spinning a wonderful melody through the empty halls.

I wasn't allowed to take any interior photos of the absolutely beautiful rooms.......even though I did get this one shot of the view out into the bay from inside the central foyer........but I got some incredible shots of the manicured gardens that circle the house. Imagine being a guest, arriving in a boat or gondola to this amazing view!

This is a lovely spot where a guest could stop for a cup of tea in the afternoon, enjoying a cool breeze and a wonderful view. Wouldn't it be amazing to sit here and enjoy scones and earl grey?

I was just so inspired by the beauty of this historical place. It's full of wonderful things that bring back a by-gone era. When I got home, I realized that my own bedroom really needed some attention. I hadn't even managed to hang a picture on the walls since we've moved in. Isn't that just sad? So, I went out and did a little shopping and a mini-makeover occured on Saturday.
but I'm going to have to make some rules about who's allowed in here!


Sunday, January 25, 2009

Spring is in the Air

I just love the smell of fresh geranium cuttings in the spring. They smell so.......GREEN! And right now we have 100's of 1000's of cuttings arriving weekly from places far away. The ladies have been sticking cuttings for days. It can be a bit monotonous work but our ladies are professionals that love their work.

I figured that today I'd give a very brief description of the life cycle of a zonal geranium for those of you who are new to gardening. Just in case you didn't know, there are two types of geraniums........seed geraniums and cutting geraniums. A geranium started from seed is never quite as good as one started from cutting. Because seeds are cheap for the grower, a seed geranium is always cheaper to buy but they never perform as well in the garden as their competition.

We buy our cuttings from all over the world but currently, most cuttings are being produced in the tropics where the sun is bright all year round. The more sun you give a geranium, the stronger the cutting.

The cutting is just the tip of a branch that is cut from the plant, put on ice and send as quickly as possible to the grower.

Once the grower receives the cutting, he has to stick it into a growing medium and then mist it to keep it from wilting. Eventually, the plant will produce new roots and the misting can be eliminated. At our greenhouse, all misting is done automatically and computer controlled.

It takes about 3 months to produce a nice geranium, ready for market so we are really ramping up our's only a few months to April!

Here's a little video to give you a very small snapshot of what's going to be happening at our place for the next couple of months as we slowly fill our 10 acres of greenhouse with all sorts of beautiful bedding plants, headed to a greenhouse near you!



Friday, January 23, 2009


I have just finished doing my official type drawing for the winner of "WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TAMARA?" which we played last week while I was waiting for a connecting flight in the DENVER AIRPORT!
Anyway, the official type drawing of the winning name has revealed that the prize is going to.......drum roll please.......Colleen Vandyk!
Now, for those of you who know me personally, you will be aware that Colleen is in fact my very own NIECE who's diapers I used to change. She was a real cutey back in those days. These days she keeps busy producing some of her own cutey's in need of diaper changes. Colleen's little baby Colton is just so excited to hear the news that his Mom has won a prize! Would you look at this face?! This is her firstborn son, who I am sure is going to enjoy chewing on the special gift I bought while waiting around at the DENVER AIRPORT!
So PLEASE let me reiterate........the winner of this prize was chosen by a completely fair and random draw. You know how it goes. Write down all the names of the participants........throw them in the kitchen collander........shake it well.......and pull out a name.........VERY OFFICIAL!
Here's a parting look at Colleen's most adorable progeny, my sister's grandbaby. I can't wait till I get one of these :)
And the winner of yesterday's "WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TAMARA?" is.........Laura! Vizcaya Museum and Gardens was the location of this picture. What a gorgeous place and the gardens were something very drool worthy. I'll post more pictures soon! Congrats :)


Thursday, January 22, 2009


Did you play my "WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TAMARA?" game last week?

Are you back today to see who won? I hope you don't mind to wait till the end of the day today because we didn't get home last night till after midnight (3 am Florida time) and this morning I need to get the kids to school as well as get an update on the greenhouses.
I will be posting the winner later today......much later........Sorry about that!
In the meantime, can you guess "WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TAMARA?" in this picture? I'll give you a hint:
HINT: JAMES DEERING, one of the founders of the John Deere tractor company.
That's all the hint I'm givine today so have fun figuring out "WHERE IN THE WORLD IS TAMARA?"


Monday, January 19, 2009

A Little More Inspiration

OK, we are still here at Disney World, looking for even deeper inspiration. We're looking for inspiration that will affect our business profoundly.........irreversably...........globally...........or maybe if we stay long enough, some of Walt's enormous optimism will rub off on us and we'll come home with renewed passion, creativity and enthusiasm that will help us stand head and shoulders above the competition :)

Can you tell I'm in SALES?!

Anyway, this evening we had dinner on Main Street where we could watch the light parade pass by while we leisurely sipped a hot cup of coffee. Just look at these gorgeous floats. Are these not just the most inspirational things you have ever seen?!
Uh oh, Tamara's getting an out.......HERE IT COMES.........
Don't you think that we should have a Darvonda FLOAT in the the Fort Langley Day's parade? The parade is held every year in May and we've talked about participating before but we always chicken out at the last minute. Don't you think we could make a FLOAT with the theme "It's A Small World" and have all our employees dress up in their native costumes and sit on a flat deck truck all decked out to celebrate MULTI CULTURALISM, the great Canadian way.
Are you out there Plumber Boy? Whatcha think? Wanna give the Fort Langley Day Parade guys a call? The Big Guy thinks it's a great way to boost morale at Darvonda. Isn't that right, honey?
Anyway........after the parade, we stayed to watch the fireworks display.........Uh oh, Tamara's getting another idea..........wait for it..........
Maybe after the Fort Langley Day parade we could invite everyone to come on down to the greenhouse where we could set off Fireworks in the back yard????!!!!! Hey Plumber Boy.......are ya' with me on this one? Are ya' game? I KNOW I can count on YOU!
Ok, that last idea may be a little over the top but I really wanna do the parade thingy. That would be so much fun!
I just LOVE the Disney INSPIRATION!