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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Caution: Physical Activity May Be Hard on Your Body

Good morning out there in blogger land! It's time to get up and get going on the ski slopes here in beautiful British Columbia. Look at this amazing blogging spot I've got. What more can you ask for in life? A beautiful view.........AND internet's like heaven :) But it's time to get out there on the slopes and ski, people. Let's get a move on it, shall we?

Here we are on the top of the mountain, ready for a great run. Zip up those zippers kids because it's cold and windy today! You've got to stop frequently to take pictures because the views are spectacular up here.......or maybe it's because my bones are aching and I need a rest before I soldier on.

After a long, arduous journey through snow and bumpy terrain, we finally make it down to the village again for a quick coffee and cinnamon bun at Bugaboo's Bakery. After we warm our body core temperature back up to normal, we take a couple of pictures before setting off for a bit more skiing.

Poor Mini Me got creamed somewhere between here and there...........just a little bit of swelling ensued.......but nothing a TRUE sport enthusiast can't handel. I want to make it clear though, she was not the cause of the accident. Someone came up behind her yelling "Sorry, sorry, sorry!" and suddenly she found herself face down in the snow, sliding along on her head. Hopefully the swelling goes down soon :)

But, she was game for a bit more skiing so, on our way back to the village, she got this SWEET AIR! You go girl!

Here's the Big Guy waiting for us to gather so we can take a group photo. Don't ya' just love trying to get group photos together? Part of our crew accidentally got stuck on a Double Black Diamond run and had to slide to the village on their buttocks, due to the extremely steep terrain. If it had been me, I would have called for a helicopter to light flight me off the mountain......but......when you're 10 years old with no cell phone, you just sit down and start sliding. YOU GO, KIDDO!

Now, do you remember yesterdays post where I showed you how I labelled my ski's so I could find them back in a crowd? Well, today after lunch, my ski's were nowhere to be found. EVERYONE was looking for them. They should've been easy to find, what with the big "TAMARA" stickers all over them. But, alas, they were lost. Everyone was convinced I has forgotten where I left them. So, if I'd had my druther's, I would have quit skiing right then and there but the Big Guy REALLY wanted to do at least ONE run with me. That meant I had to re-rent skis and go through a lot of paperwork and stuff, just because someone took off with MY skis's by accident. I was sooooooo steamed that someone would do that. How could they miss my big, fat "TAMARA" stickers???!!!! Well, believe it or not, after my last run, while I was sitting in Bugaboo's coffee shop, complaining BITTERLY about the JERK that stole my skii's.........this lady heard my story and 20 minutes later returned to the coffee shop with her daughter to tell me that this young lass on the left had accidentally taken off with my ski's. How can you be mad at someone who comes back to let you know that they are the culprit???!!!

Tonight we're going to watch the fireworks. I hope to get some good pics but, if I don't, I won't have anything to post about tomorrow. Just in case that happens, let me say "HAPPY NEW YEAR!" to all my blogger peeps out there. Don't forget to drink a toast on me :)

I leave you with this parting video of one avid skiier who probably should take a few more lessons.........see you on the slopes next year!



Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hey,I Can Ski (If You Use The Term Ski Loosely)

Oh my aching thighs......oh my aching ankles.......oh my back......oh my but cheeks! Why does it all hurt so much? Surely I can't have THAT many muscles that go unused on a regular bas

My first priority was to take a lesson because I am very scared of skiing. I have no control and just go flying off into trees and snowbanks......not a good thing. I made sure the lesson was not arranged for too early because, as we all know, I'm not a morning person. I also arranged to have one of my peeps accompany me, just in case I got killed in an unfortunate accident with a tree. I also made sure to lable my skis because I just know I won't be able to find these babies back in the middle of all the other rented skis!

So off we went, to brave the steep and dangerous GREEN runs. No WAY I'm gonna try a BLUE because that is just down right suicide! But first, Danny Boneduce checks in on me because he's concerned about his mother and wants to make sure she's enjoying herself on the slopes........or he's hoping I'll take him for a nice hot chocolate :)

Here we stand, Fifi and myself, perched on a steep precipice, on the edge of a mountain just waiting to plunge over the edge into infiniti.........WHAT WAS I THINKING??!! Well, we can't turn back now because we paid a whole lot of money for a full afternoon of lessons. I wonder if the instructor could be persuaded to give us our lessons in the Pub over a nice hot Irish Coffee?

I am so glad that my fear of doing anything slightly athletic, requiring balance and agility, was overidden by that little voice in my head that is always chanting "Come on Tamara, you'll never have this opportunity'll be worth it".........and it WAS so worth it. The views up there are spectacular.

It wasn't long and Fifi and were cutting through the snow like pro's. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

There were a couple mishaps but I'm blaming it on the fact that the other people on the mountain are very distracting and they make you lose your balance! Fortunatley we paid good money to have someone help us out of a pickle whenever we found ourselves........distracted.

Shall we go again Fifi? Are you game? I'm game! It's just so crazy beautiful up there!

After all that fun on the slopes, us ladies throw a whole lot of bovine on the barbecue and roasted up some nugget potatoes. You need to eat a whole lot when you do this kind of physical activity!

And what do you think we did AFTER that wonderful meal??!! Why, we went out to do some MORE physical activity that requires a certain amount of skill and skating :) Everyone was there, some with skates and some without. There were cheerleaders and hockey players. Rosy red cheeks were glowing in the cold night air. What a blessing to be have the opportunity to make such wonderful memories together!!!!

And now, here is the best rock 'em, sock 'em, drag 'em down hockey brawl you'll ever see in your life time!

WARNING: Impressionable children should not view this video due to extreme violence and uncontrolled behaviour.



Monday, December 29, 2008

Rocky Mountain Majesty!

Yes, we went out on the road this morning. It was very, very, very early........7 am to be exact. Wow! I hate getting up early, even for holidays :)

The sun rose slowly as we drove cautiously up the Coquihalla Highway, braving the winter driving like real ski bunnies do!The views just got more majestic and glorious as the sun rose higher in the sky.The Rocky Mountains are breathtaking at this time of the year.Time for a pee break everyone! Hop out and go try out those icy cold toilets........Photo opportunities abound along this route but......we were driving in a convoy with our peeps and I didn't dare to ask everyone to pull over while I try out my new camera. A couple of pics during the bathroom break will have to do :)Here we go again! The amazing sights of Beautiful British Columbia are just too wonderful for words so I figured I'd take photos instead. The sunshine only peaked out once today.......and for the rest it was hidden in the clouds, making some fabulous photo opportunities.Time for another Tim Horton's for coffee. Are you starting to get the picture of what it's like to drive with Tamara? There need to be a lot of stops allong the way. She can't sit doin' nothin' for very long, regardless of the pretty scenery. Very annoying for some but the Big Guy knows that if he doesn't stop often enough.......I get just a wee bit cranky :)
It looks like Mini Me is going pro with that Fancy Pants camera.....and then it's back on the road again for a couple more hours of driving. Good thing we brought the mama and papa to be........they were such engaging company, keeping us occupied the whole drive with their witty, intelectual banter.
The trip took a total of 6 hours so I got lots of chances to take photos of snow and trees and more snow and trees.
We finally find our lodgings for the next little while and the whole crew piles out of their vehicles, excited to see inside.....What are we going to find behind this door? Is it going to be nice? I sure do hope so because I was really looking forward to this.
Oh, this has some very good potential........Oh my! It's even prettier than I had imagined. Just look at that KITCHEN......and the VIEW! And look who made it here BEFORE US.........I PROMISE, I did not set this up.......this was on the table when we arrived. Isn't that cool?! Let's have a quick lunch....... and then go scout out the our lift passes and then........I decide that it's a little too cold for my skinny little petootie and go back to the lodge where it's nice and warm! I think I'll tuck myself in for a while and warm up in my cozy room. I'll let the kids do the skiing tonight :)