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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Please Pull Up Your Sleeves

What a weekend I had! I asked myself numerous times over the last 2 days just exactly WHY did we decide to grow poinsettias again? It happens every year........we spend 4 weeks wildly packing and shipping a plant that hates to be packed and shipped.......and when it's all over, we wonder how we survived another Christmas season. This year is no different than any other year.

Since our container was still MIA on Thursday and we didn't have much work to do, we made the decision to send out extra people into the stores to make sure that the plants allready in the stores looked too good for the shoppers to resist. Each of us chose a region and I was the lucky one who got Vancouver Island.

I was also the very fortunate one to get the "Big Red Van" as my main means of transportation. Too bad I'm so short that I can't quite rest my foot on the gas pedal and the floorboards at the same time. It makes a 2 hour drive between stores quite a lesson in endurnce and a nasty stretch to try maintain an even speed. Besides that,we encountered a whole lot of heavy fog which made driving in a strange place on twisty mountain roads just a little nerve wracking for this motorist. I prefer to be a passenger!

I was extremely happy that Opera Diva was available to accompany me because she's a really good navigator. For me, city maps like this look about as complicated as one of these.

For those of you who don't know me, I have a confession to make......I was born with a geographical handicap......I can't find my way out of a paper bag!

Now, every time we go to a new store, we were met with a couple of hours of hard work to tidy up all the plants. I wonder if you have ever picked up an item in a store and then changed your mind half way through your shopping trip? Did you put that item down right there, in the middle of the store, nowhere near where you originally picked it up? Well, I am here to ask you to think of us poor merchandisers who have to scour the store to find those discarded items and put them back in their proper place. How about when you pick your flowers? Do you pull down the protective sleeves and leave them like that? I'm begging you.......please put it back the way you found it! It's so much work to keep things looking nice and fresh when you do that! Opera Diva and I worked for 2 days straight picking up after you this weekend!

Our return trip on Saturday turned out to be a bit difficult. The only way to return to the Mainland is via the Ferry which only runs every 2 hours. Due to a medical emergency, the 3 o'clock ferry was cancelled. Because of that earlier cancellation, the 5 0'clock ferry was delayed by 1 1/2 hours. This caused the 7 o'clock ferry to fill to capacity before we could make it back to the dock. We finally got on the 9 o'clock ferry which had to make the trip at HALF speed due to heavy fog. When we finally arrived home at midnight, the Big Guy had a wonderful glass of red wine and some cheeto's waiting for me! He's a keeper :)

It think he was feeling guilty that we had such a rough trip. He did the Okanogan region with Danny Boneduce in tow and they had a great time doing a bit of Father - Son bonding. It's not easy being the kid of a farmer.


Friday, November 28, 2008

My New Hobby

I've got quite a bit of time on my hands lately since my container went missing. We still haven't seen hide nor hair of it which means we've got very little to do to occupy our time so......I started a collection.

My collection started by accident when I stopped by the liquor store yesterday at around noon. I found this really pretty bottle and thought it would look perfect on my desk, beside my computer screen.

When I went back to the liquor store later that afternoon, I found this great assortment of bottles. I loved the color of the labels so I bought them all.

This morning when I stopped by the liquor store, they were just getting in a new shipment of these fabulous bottleswhich I bought immediately to add to my collection.

I sure hope we find that container soon because I'm starting to have a hard time concentrating on anything else besides my new collection.....


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Have You Seen This Ship?

This is an urgent call to all my blogging friends out there. Keep your eyes peeled for this missing container ship. It has gone missing somewhere between here and Asia. It's described as large and green. Arrival time was over 2 weeks ago. I am desperately seeking container number 1500 B, seen on the port side of the ship, 5 rows in and 3 containers down.
I have heard that some people steal containers and use them to build houses like this one. If you have my container, please forward the contents as soon as possible as I need them PRONTO! You can keep the container.
Oh, I hope this is not MY container!!!!!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Christmas Decorations Are Done.....In My Mind!

If this were a perfect world and I could decorate my house any way I liked.......this would be what I would do! First of all, I'd paint the whole house white and buy white furniture. Then I'd add red accents everywhere. Doesn't my place just look amazing?!

I'd make sure that my front door was painted red, to keep the red and white theme going from start to finish.....

My dining room chairs would be upholstered in this oh, so practical white.

My Christmas tree would be simple and chic. I'd even match the wrapping paper I use to the room's decor.

This would be my dog!
Ha, ha, ha, he, he, he, ho, ho! MY DOG! I crack myself up! I'd NEVER get a dog!


Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hockey Night in Canada is Saturday Night

Every Saturday night 1000's of Canadian boys get a ride to the local ice rink where they skate hard, sweat hard and play hard at a little ol' game we call hockey. All that's required is a hockey stick, a black puck, warm blanket and a cup of coffee from Tim Horton's.

I must admit, I really don't much like violence or sports, so when a game includes both, I have a hard time enjoying myself. The good thing about hockey is that there are lots of little kids there to distract you. This is my sister's grandaughter and she is utterly adorable. She was enjoying all the action on the bench and on the ice.

Here's a picture of her daddy sitting all by himself in the penalty box. For those of you who know as much about hockey as I need to understand that the penalty box is BAD place to be. If you are in the penalty box, you are being punished! My nephews LOVE the penalty box, don't you boys?

Here's my sister's other grandchild who is a great big Canuck fan......well, I have a feeling that it's his daddy who is the big Canuck fan. And it's no wonder he's a fan because look how cool he looks in his jersey! I'm so glad to be distracted from the game by the kids so I don't see how many people are getting hurt or injured in the game.I'm always amazed at how willing the guys are to sacrifice their bodies just to get a GOAL!

The guys looks so much bigger in their gear. The skates make them so much taller than usual and all that padding adds to the illusion.

At the end of the game, the losing team CORDIALLY congratulates the winning team.

What a ton of fun! Too bad it's so cold sitting in the benches. I never remember to take along a blanket to sit on so it doesn't take long and my but starts to feel like an icicle.

The hardest part of Saturday night is the drive home after the game. The hockey player and his gear have a very peculiar smell about's sweet and sweat at the same requires that all windows in the vehicle be fully open to help dissipate the aroma sufficiently enough to keep from passing out.

Thanks SOOOO much to my sister and her husband for getting Danny Boneduce involved in the sport. I really appreciate your influence in this day I will figure out how to repay you for all the smelly rides home, the trips to the sport store to buy "jock straps" and other sorts of strange items I know nothing about. It is just so mortifying to hold a cup in your hand and wonder "Does my boy need a small, medium or large one of these?" There's just something not quite right about those sorts of questions.


Concert Tonight in Willoughby at 7:30

Yesterday was a very busy day, what with the greenhouse and then the concert at night in Chilliwack. Junior and I raced to get everything done before lunch at the greenhouse so we could go home and get organized for rehearsals in Chilliwack in the afternoon.

Because it's Christmas shipping season, we now have a whole lot of extra staff for the next 4 weeks. This group of ladies is our crack team of designers that get our product decorated and out to the stores year after year. Most of them have been with us for at least 10 years so they all feel like a part of our family.

Today we celebrated this little fellows 1 st birthday.His Dad used to work for us for many, many years as a young man. Now he's off doing his own thing and his wife works here instead. Bittu ordered Pizza for the WHOLE crew today. Thanks so much and CONGRATULATIONS!

The Big Guy is really getting into the Christmas spirit around here. I just love it when he dresses up for work. Can you tell that he just got his pre-christmas hair cut? He's just so good lookin' when he's workin'!

Once lunch was over, Junior went home to practice before rehearsals and I started searching for all the music that we MIGHT need. With Peter Wildeman, you never know what curve ball he may send your way. So, in my quest to be prepared and control all possible issues, I take a boat load of music along with me. Vivaldi, Mazas, Brahms and Beethoven......they all come with us to Chilliwack to make sure we're prepared for any eventuality.

Danny Boneduce finally gets an opportunity to play his Allegro Appassionato with the accompaniement's a lot harder to play WITH someone than without. I don't know if you can tell from this picture but he's starting to get really nervous right about now. Man, am I ever glad I don't have to sit up on stage to play something for a crowd. I couldn't handle that stress! I can handle the stress of a Big Box store buyer yelling at me (which happens fairly regular). Don't let my kids know that, though because they'll use it against me one day :)

Even Mini Me was getting the jitters so, inorder to calm some nerves I left the rest of the musicians to continue rehearsing and took the kids to the golden arches. We love McDonalds! We especially love the Hockey Cards and the little animated figurines they have up here. Just for fun, I bought Danny Boneduce some Special Edition Hockey Cards and Mini Me got a couple of Madagascar characters. She loved them so much, she gave them a front row seat for the concert!

For Junior, the best part of doing concerts is the party afterwards! Peter tells us that he's on a diet but......I've never heard of a diet that includes Pizza and Beer, have you?