Saturday, December 27, 2008

Just Tryin' Out My New Camera

I should be busy packing up all my Christmas ornaments today but I was just too excited to try out my new camera. I'm going to have to let the elves, Opera Diva and Mini Me, finish the tree dismantle because I wanna try out my new point and shoot. I finally buckled under and bought one at the Sony store, hoping to cash in on those amazing Boxing Day sales everyone talks about. I'm not sure I got a good deal but I'll need you to give me your opinion on the picture quality I'm getting from this new toy.

Here's the Big Guy, testing out the macro settings.......and again. Then he decides he wants to get a shot of me at an inopportune moment. Here I am, doing some internet research in my BED! Yes, I am not too proud to tell you that I was watching YouTube last night in leave me alone and let me get back to my "research"! Yes, I can resist your puppy dog eyes, Big Guy

This morning I made it my priority to go to the greenhouse to take pictures and try out the different settings. First of all, we STILL have a ton of snow and I'm hearing that we may be getting more soon. So far the greenhouse roofs are standing up under the weight but we have the heat cranked right up to keep the snow melting off the glass. Here's our wood fired boiler that came from Italy. Check out that flame inside there........looks pretty hot, don't ya' think? We have had a hard time getting sawdust during this cold weather since a lot of the lumber mills around here are under snow and can't get at their stockpile. See this auger? Last night the Big Guy was struggling to get a big 2 X 4 out of here because the load of sawdust we DID get was low quality and full of junk.......beggars can't be choosers, I guess.

This is the boiler's computer. We call him HAL-9000. You know, HAL from "2010 - A Space Odyssey"..... HAL, the psychotic computer that tried to kill off all the humans on board. He's very important around here because he keeps everything warm and alive here. See this button? This is the button that shuts HAL down when he gets a little psychotic. The Big Guy is our "Dave" when it comes to HAL. He knows what to do when HAL isn't cooperating. He even had to learn Italian so he could converse with HAL when we first commissioned. See all these buttons and gadgets? Our boilers are just as multi-cultural as everything else around here. It's a small, small world, right HAL?

On my tour around the greenhouse, I found that we are allready into full spring production. We're busy rooting cuttings like Fuschia's, Geraniums and Martha Washinton's. Some things are allready planted into their final pots, like these Sinetti Cineraria's for our favorite Big Box store!

We've got lots of empty space left........and a whole lot of clean up to do. I have to admit, I couldn't bare to take photos of all the left over poinsettias that we still haven't manage to sell. They're all going in the garbage, sniff, sniff, sob, sob! I'd rather pretend that we sold them all.......come on everyone........pretend with me.........we sold EVERY poinsettia in the place........come can do it!

I sure hope HAL can keep up with heating the greenhouse tonight because we should be getting even more snow than we've allready got.This is a picture of HAL's lungs (I know, the picture looks very fuzzy but I think the camera was set on MACRO. I need a bit of practice with the settings yet). This giant filter catches any remaining ash particles that have made it through the other 2, previous filters so that we don't have any particulate going out the chimney. HAL is a very envirnmentally conscious wood boiler, you know!

Now, I will end this post with a few snow photos. Doesn't this look like we live in central Canada Winnipeg........or Fort St. John? This can't be LANGLEY!
POST SCRIPT: Just in case you were wondering WHAT I was watching on YouTube last night......check out Kristin Chenowith, an amazing opera/broadway singer with a personality that is just too, too perky! Here's a link to her visit with Martha last year:


9 Responses to “Just Tryin' Out My New Camera”

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you with a camera that won't smoke everytime you push the shutter button!
All that green. . .
It looks like I'm behind in my planting!!
I went out yesterday and picked up a bunch of books on greenhouse growing, city gardening and gardening in Alberta.
Too bad I still have to clean up my Tree and decorations! :(
I brought in potting soil to thaw and tommorow I'll be planting the bulbs I've been chilling in the cold room for the last few months.
Bring on the gardening season!!!
Whooo Hoooo! :)

dimari said...

Why do you clean up your tree and decoration so soon? We usually decorate it on 1st of December and clean everything up on 7th of Jenuary!
Is it necessary to throw away so many healthy plants? Couldn't you give them away to some institutes?

dimari said...
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marina said...

Why do you clean up your tree and decoration so soon? We usually decorate it on 1st of December and clean everything up on 7th of Jenuary!
Is it necessary to throw away so many healthy plants? Couldn't you give them away to some institutes?
I really don't understand what's wrong with my p/c and it used a wrong account in the previous posts! "Dimari" is me! You can clean up the fault posts! It seems that wires are feeling cold and have fever!LOL!

Ofelias Hus said...

Hello from Sweden !

What a funny and intresting blog you have, do not know how I got here, but I will be back...

The amount of snow you have makes it look like here in Sweden.


Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Wow!! that is some greenhouse.. I am definetly drooling over this.. Your new camera is wonderful.. what kind did you get? Have a super time on your ski trip. Take lots of pictures for us...
hugs ~lynne~

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Good morning my friend, Thanks for stopping by and sharing our Anniversary with us.. it means the world...hugs ~lynne~

antigoni said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! For your new camera, the awesome photos, the Christmas decoration, the dinner you made and of course for the new member of your family that is coming. I'm so happy for you and your kids. We wait for a new baby,too. My sister in law is pregnant and the baby will come in Jule. We all are so happy.

dowhatyoulove said...

Wow, amazing to see your set up. I cant believe how big Hal is. I would love to wander around a greenhouse system like that! I know it must be amazing amounts of work, but it seems like it would be so much fun to have all that room to grow plants. Thanks for sharing!