Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hey,I Can Ski (If You Use The Term Ski Loosely)

Oh my aching thighs......oh my aching ankles.......oh my back......oh my but cheeks! Why does it all hurt so much? Surely I can't have THAT many muscles that go unused on a regular bas

My first priority was to take a lesson because I am very scared of skiing. I have no control and just go flying off into trees and snowbanks......not a good thing. I made sure the lesson was not arranged for too early because, as we all know, I'm not a morning person. I also arranged to have one of my peeps accompany me, just in case I got killed in an unfortunate accident with a tree. I also made sure to lable my skis because I just know I won't be able to find these babies back in the middle of all the other rented skis!

So off we went, to brave the steep and dangerous GREEN runs. No WAY I'm gonna try a BLUE because that is just down right suicide! But first, Danny Boneduce checks in on me because he's concerned about his mother and wants to make sure she's enjoying herself on the slopes........or he's hoping I'll take him for a nice hot chocolate :)

Here we stand, Fifi and myself, perched on a steep precipice, on the edge of a mountain just waiting to plunge over the edge into infiniti.........WHAT WAS I THINKING??!! Well, we can't turn back now because we paid a whole lot of money for a full afternoon of lessons. I wonder if the instructor could be persuaded to give us our lessons in the Pub over a nice hot Irish Coffee?

I am so glad that my fear of doing anything slightly athletic, requiring balance and agility, was overidden by that little voice in my head that is always chanting "Come on Tamara, you'll never have this opportunity again.......it'll be worth it".........and it WAS so worth it. The views up there are spectacular.

It wasn't long and Fifi and were cutting through the snow like pro's. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

There were a couple mishaps but I'm blaming it on the fact that the other people on the mountain are very distracting and they make you lose your balance! Fortunatley we paid good money to have someone help us out of a pickle whenever we found ourselves........distracted.

Shall we go again Fifi? Are you game? I'm game! It's just so crazy beautiful up there!

After all that fun on the slopes, us ladies throw a whole lot of bovine on the barbecue and roasted up some nugget potatoes. You need to eat a whole lot when you do this kind of physical activity!

And what do you think we did AFTER that wonderful meal??!! Why, we went out to do some MORE physical activity that requires a certain amount of skill and agility........ice skating :) Everyone was there, some with skates and some without. There were cheerleaders and hockey players. Rosy red cheeks were glowing in the cold night air. What a blessing to be have the opportunity to make such wonderful memories together!!!!

And now, here is the best rock 'em, sock 'em, drag 'em down hockey brawl you'll ever see in your life time!

WARNING: Impressionable children should not view this video due to extreme violence and uncontrolled behaviour.



7 Responses to “Hey,I Can Ski (If You Use The Term Ski Loosely)”

dowhatyoulove said...

Good for you facing your fears of skiing. It looks like you had a wonderful time! Those trees are so amazing, so beautiful!

Chandra said...

What a fun video! :o) And I enjoyed hearing Ann's voice at the end...haven't heard that for years! :o)

marina said...

WOW!!! You slip like a pro on the ice! Are you ready for the next Winter Olympics? And what a hot-icy kiss you've earned!!!!

Rosa said...

Haaah haaaah heeee hooo!
Looks like lots of fun!
And Henry would have done the same thing to me.(more or less. . .:) )

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Well, you won't find me on anything except these legs and feet. I can't skate, ski, ride a horse, or do anything that requires balance. I am a well-known klutz and everyone knows it. I would have loved the view, but getting there would have been a real adventure!
Have fun now (if you don't kill yourself on those slopes, skinny girl!)

momofcrt said...

I agree with Chandra!! I haven't even seen Ann for a number of years.
What a great family vacation, awesome.
Except, I don't ski any more. One mountain reached out at me 18 years ago and snapped my leg in two, very mean mountain. Really cute medics though that airlifted me to a trauma centre LOL.

Catherine Holman said...

How beautiful! Looks like fun, but I'm afraid of skiing too!