Sunday, December 21, 2008

Everything's Perfect at My Place.......NOT!

This is my place at Christmas. Everything is perfect and in place. I am faultlessly organized and ready for a wonderfully, problem free Christmas my DREAMS!!!

Actually, I am completely disorganized and just try to roll with the punches, whatever life may bring. This year we have a really unusual dump of snow that has blown in from the North. I don't know about how prepared you are for snow, but I've been regretting that fact that I didn't get myself a decent pair of boots when I heard about the impending snow storm. It's been even harder on Opera Diva who has a very strange allergy........she swells up in cold weather. Ears, hands, face, legs all swell up to rather large proportions when she is exposed to cold weather giving her a little Quasi Motto type look. Yesterday she actually brought a lovely knitted blanket into church to keep warm and minimize swelling.

Anyway, I've also had a little bit of time on my hands to go blog visiting due to the fact that I can't get out of the house without a proper pair of boots. On my internet travels I stopped by "A Soft Place to Land", a blog I love to follow. Kimba pointed out that it is easy, through the power of photo editing as well as editorial manipulation, to make reality look better than it really is.

I was inspired by this message as I know that I have done a little bit of fancy footwork around my Christmas reality here as well. So, here goes my post dedicated to "Keepin' it Real":

First of all, remember this wonderful Christmas tree we got the other day? It looked so lush and green in the field but didn't actually fit in the house once we got it home. So, the guys got a saw and lopped off the top so we could get it inside and this is what we got! My kids think it looks like a BUSH, not a christmas tree. I couldn't bare to part with the top portion of the tree so I've placed it on my breakfast table where the kids STILL haven't bothered to decorate it as we originally agreed they would.

Next, I have to say, my wash has been terribly neglected as of late. So much to do and so little time to do it means a pile of dirty laundry just never makes it to the top of my "To Do" list. Good thing for Mini Me. If it wasn't for her, we'd have absolutley nothing clean to wear around here!

How about these pictures I posted of my boys, amazing young musicians who accompanied a 70 member choir at their performance of Handel's Messiah? Remember how well behaved and wonderful they appeared in these photos? See this well dressed young man in his black dress pants, shirt and shoes? I bet you were wondering how we convince a 14 year old to dress like this, weren't you? Did you think that we must have things under complete control around here with our kids?! Well, think again........these super, duper, dress up clothes have gone the way of all good things.......lost forever.......left at the church in Bellingham, never to be found again. Danny Boneduce couldn't bare to wear them 1 second longer than necessary, changed into jeans after the concert and forgot instantly that these ever existed . Yesterday he was wearing ratty old runners and a 2 times too small suit to church. Hmmmmm!

And finally, as icing on the cake.......remember these photos of snow on the roof of the greenhouse? Well, somehow a bunch of glass gave way under the weight of the snow and came crashing down to the floor below. Junior and the Big Guy spent a whole bunch of time yesterday trying to close up the giant 4 foot holes in the roof so that we wouldn't be heating up all of Langley with the escaping heat. Junior decided that he didn't need gloves to handle glass and ......this is what the end result is of that brainy decision. And, just in case you still have the impression that things are just Beaver Cleaver perfect at our place, I present one last photo. This is proof that I can't even get my kids to wash their hands before dinner. Sigh!
So, I would like to wish you all a Merry "un-perfect" Christmas from my house to yours :)



5 Responses to “Everything's Perfect at My Place.......NOT!”

momofcrt said...

Now for the tree, I'd have chopped off the bottom couple of feet so as to keep the top nice.
Second, glad to see someone else has laundry piles like mine. However, mine is not for lack of wanting or doing, but unable to due to frozen water lines to the washing machine.
Third, that's an odd allergy your daughter has, I've never heard of it. Interesting though.
Fourth, Christmas blessings to you and your family as well :-)

LovingLynden said...

I read Kimba's blog too!
Don't you love her?
And I especially appreciated her last post (and yours!) It's great to see the other side of perfect once in a while!
I've got a house full of girls overnight and Monster Mommy is trying to stay calm......

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

If it were perfect, it would be a frozen scene in a photograph or home movie. It wouldn't be real life. And it's sort of like I tell my grown daughters about mistakes. I tell them, "If you're not making mistakes, you're not living. Cause you can't be alive and not make mistakes." A rough analogy.

Gini said...

So i am not the only one with laundry piled a mile high and the picture of your son eating with the bloody finger? That is too funny!

Anonymous said...

your laundry pile looks the samw as mine!:)
If my computer hadn't crashed I too was going to to a keeping it real blog after I read Kimba's post.
Love your Christmas bush. lol