Saturday, November 22, 2008

Hockey Night in Canada is Saturday Night

Every Saturday night 1000's of Canadian boys get a ride to the local ice rink where they skate hard, sweat hard and play hard at a little ol' game we call hockey. All that's required is a hockey stick, a black puck, warm blanket and a cup of coffee from Tim Horton's.

I must admit, I really don't much like violence or sports, so when a game includes both, I have a hard time enjoying myself. The good thing about hockey is that there are lots of little kids there to distract you. This is my sister's grandaughter and she is utterly adorable. She was enjoying all the action on the bench and on the ice.

Here's a picture of her daddy sitting all by himself in the penalty box. For those of you who know as much about hockey as I need to understand that the penalty box is BAD place to be. If you are in the penalty box, you are being punished! My nephews LOVE the penalty box, don't you boys?

Here's my sister's other grandchild who is a great big Canuck fan......well, I have a feeling that it's his daddy who is the big Canuck fan. And it's no wonder he's a fan because look how cool he looks in his jersey! I'm so glad to be distracted from the game by the kids so I don't see how many people are getting hurt or injured in the game.I'm always amazed at how willing the guys are to sacrifice their bodies just to get a GOAL!

The guys looks so much bigger in their gear. The skates make them so much taller than usual and all that padding adds to the illusion.

At the end of the game, the losing team CORDIALLY congratulates the winning team.

What a ton of fun! Too bad it's so cold sitting in the benches. I never remember to take along a blanket to sit on so it doesn't take long and my but starts to feel like an icicle.

The hardest part of Saturday night is the drive home after the game. The hockey player and his gear have a very peculiar smell about's sweet and sweat at the same requires that all windows in the vehicle be fully open to help dissipate the aroma sufficiently enough to keep from passing out.

Thanks SOOOO much to my sister and her husband for getting Danny Boneduce involved in the sport. I really appreciate your influence in this day I will figure out how to repay you for all the smelly rides home, the trips to the sport store to buy "jock straps" and other sorts of strange items I know nothing about. It is just so mortifying to hold a cup in your hand and wonder "Does my boy need a small, medium or large one of these?" There's just something not quite right about those sorts of questions.


12 Responses to “Hockey Night in Canada is Saturday Night”

Rosa said...

Thanks for sharing this Hockey Night in Canada! I feel the same way you do. This way I got to enjoy the good stuff while my behind was warm and toasty in my own house!
I had to shop for a jock strap once. . . (cringe)

Timmy said...

This post is definately worthy of an award!! Too bad I don't know how to give one..
Cute kids!

marina said...

If the time down your post is right, at the time you were writing all these I was sleeping dreaming of Christmas!!! Why??? Visit me and you'll see...!:)

antigoni said...

Great post!
I have a new award for you. Visit my blog to receive it.

Tootsie said...

I AM A HOCKEY MOM!!!!! This is the only time you will catch me in a rink! I am not a fan of this or any sport ...well unless my kids are on the team in question...
BUT...I am the one that is cheering the 6AM, and will not stop until the game is over!
I have a special blanket just for hockey in my for the kids that are distracting...there are two little sisters that tag a long with me daily that get bored silly and put on a show or two here and there!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

We are football nuts down here; just as bad, just as smelly, but not always cold!

Lynne said...

This was so interesting.. the children are so adorable..Thanks so much for swinging by the blog and for leaving such kind comments.I hope to see you again..hugs ~lynne~

Catherine Holman said...

Sounds cold to me. I went to a hockey game in Ontario when I was there teaching a seminar several years ago. Cute kids!

momofcrt said...
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momofcrt said...

I LOVE HOCKEY!! I played goalie for a women's team in Coaldale. I have all the gear myself.
I have to say though, men's gear stinks more than women's gear.
And the Canucks are a great team so I love that little jersey :-) No matter how poorly the boys do, I will always cheer for the Canucks.
Oh and shopping for jock straps, take your boys when shopping for a Jill (the female version, trust me they work well) LOL it's funny to see their reaction.

Saucy said...

Oh, fun! That post takes me back. I haven't been to a Saturday night game in ages. I need me some Tim's now!

Timmy said...

Aunty Tammy, Very Nice Pictures! We do like the penalty box, to bad they don't have news papers in them, it would make time go faster. Oh, cute kid in the canucks jersey, he must have a handsome dad.. and one good looking mom!