Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Independance Day Parade

I just love a parade! And in Brazil, they really know how to do parades. Every year, on Brazil's Independance Day, all the schools in the Maragogi/Sao Jose area get together and have a parade down main street. They pull out all the stops. Everyone dresses up and makes a celebration like nobody's business. Our school, Escola Biblica Crista, always makes a huge effort, including elaborate costumes and floats. It's quite a sight to see all the students dressed up and showing off some of the things they've learned in school.
This year, just like every year, the school represented things like Science and Poetry, Band and Bible. In this picture we see a whole horde of "Isrealites" crossing the Red Sea right down main street Sao Jose!Here come the Egyptians, right behind them.Looks like these boys are ready to fight!Pharaoh is not too pleased to see his Isrealite slaves going free.....and then there is the pre-school and kindergarten classes playing their part as Noah and the Ark
Don't they come up with some great floats? I think the Art teacher must be busy for months getting this whole parade together.....what with Noah and his wife.....all the mice and rats.......can you imagine how HOT this must be for this kid?!

Don't forget the sheep......

and the bees.......

and the blue teddy bears that were surely in the ark!Another highlight of the parade is the marching band.
This band is named after the first Mission Aid worker who worked in this area, John Kuik.

Check out these FINE trumpets! Generously donated a few years ago by Credo Christian High School.

I think this smile says it all.......what a grand parade this was!

The band sets up in front of the grand stands for their great big finale, playing a number of Genevan tunes for the local city mayor and his special guests.
Isn't that just a HOOT!


6 Responses to “Independance Day Parade”

Rosa said...

That is Awesome! Sorry I missed it!

Nola @ the Alamo said...

How sweet, all those adorable little faces! Happy Independence Day Brazil!

marina said...

Your post is full of little faces and ice-cream! What could that mean...? That you are ready to be a...grandma!!!LOL!!! Or even a ma one more time!!! After all you're very young and you have a bed empty in your house- from your just-married daughter!

Rue said...

Great parade and it looks like a lot of fun as long as you didn't have to wear those hot costumes... I can't imagine!

Loved the post about the trip to get ice cream :)


bmvanassen said...

Neat pictures! my boys had a dressup day at school and they were to dress as a Bible character or a Reformation era character. your pictures helped to get a costume together for them. thankyou! Martine

The Berry's Patch said...

How exciting to see a parade in Brazil. It looks like it was a ton of fun. I love seeing all those happy faces. :-)