Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Fun in the Brazilian sun

Remember the other day when I talked about how to get an ice cream in Brazil......well, I have to tell you what REALLY happened that day. Things didn't turn out quite the way we had hoped.

Early in the morning, we all gathered on the terrace of our lovely hotel in Japaratinga to have a bit of breakfast before going out on our ice cream adventure. We had a fairly big group, what with the missionary families being so large. Pastor Ken and Tamara (yes, we share the same name, even though it's a rare name!) have 4 kids and Pastor Julius and Karen have 5 more. Add in Grampa and Gramma, visiting from Vernon, and 4 more adults along for the ride, we totalled 19.

Just before hopping into one of two 15 passenger vans, Pastor Ken reads a passage from the Bible for all of us. The twins, Titus and Joel, love to answer Uncle Ken's questions after the reading. They are balls of ENDLESS energy :) Poor Grampa has a hard time telling the twins apart. I heard Grampa talking in the van to Joel, unaware that he was calling him Titus, his brother's name. When Gramma corrected Grampa with a gentle "Grampa, that's Joel, not Titus", Grampa disagreed. "No, Gramma, this IS Titus!". Joel looked staight at Grampa and said "You're right GRAMMA, I'm Titus" with a mischevious grin.

After a bit of organization as to who sits beside who, we set off in a caravan of BESTA's to Ponto de Pedras where we could catch a ferry to the ice cream store. The sun was hot. The ferry boat driver was sent to get the bigger ferry so both vans could cross the river at the same time on the same boat. Time passed. Some more time passed. We began to really feel the heat. The ferry returned but it was not the bigger ferry. What to do? Do we wait another hour before they finally get the bigger ferry into action? Or do we WALK onto the ferry that is about to depart........ice cream is waiting on the other side of the river......we hop on all together. Everyone squishes to one side of the boat. The kids are excitedly chattering away. Shall we have Vanilla or Chocolate ice cream? Man, is that ice cream ever going to taste GOOD!

As we near the other side of the river, it appears that something is not quite right. Can you believe it? The ice cream store is CLOSED today! I guess we'll have to make do with cold pop and some suckers. The kids don't seem to mind too much. But, because the ferry took so long in coming, we're late for our lunch reservation at our favorite restaurant, Caiuas. We have to hurry to get back.

The return ferry fills up quick. So quickly, in fact, that we have to make a speedy decision. Either the kids have to jump on the ferry which is already a foot away from the shore.....or take the small ferry. The Big Guy decides without hesitation and has already found himself a seat for the return trip. He encourages everyone to hop on. No lifejackets? No problem. The river's not that deep. All the kids encourage the little ferry boat driver to race the bigger ferry to the other side of the river. Pastor Ken decided that it was wiser not to have both missionaries on the same ferry, just in case one of them sank to the bottom of the river. It's better if just one missionary drowns than if both go at the same time. He's the fellow in the bright blue shirt with the goofy looking hat, watching as the big ferry sails off without us :)

Our lunch at Caiuas is being prepared when we arrive. Since it's not quite ready, we go for a walk on the beach. The Big Guy decides to try his hand at fishing......can you BELIEVE he caught this big fish?!

Actually, he found it dead and floating belly up. But the picture turned out good, didn't it?

Look at this fantastic table, set right against the ocean side, just feet away from the warm waves. The food is absolutely delicious. Those of us who like fish sit on the right side of the table and those who like chicken sit on the left.......never the two shall meet!

Look at this posse of kids, devouring Brazilian chicken fingers and fries. What a fabulous feast.


8 Responses to “Fun in the Brazilian sun”

antigoni said...

You sure had great time. But you mustn't show the photos to your kids. They might be a little jealous. I know i am.

bmvanassen said...

Great pictures and story of the Vanspronsens and the Wieske's! thankyou! Martine

Brenda@View From The Pines said...

Kids can be appeased quite easily with distraction. And it looks as though you found the appropriate amount! What fun you all must have had!

Rosa said...

Well that first fish picture would make Henry jealous for sure!
The second one, not so much. (He catches that size fish all the time! LOL)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Sounds good to me. I literally said out loud to myself when you got to the closed ice cream store. "Oh no"

My word verification was "tocked". Is that a word? LOL

momofcrt said...

Too funny, not nice when you have your heart set on something. Even if it was cold pop and suckers, just not the same.
THe pictures are fantastic, what a different way of life for sure.

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

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Saucy said...

What an amazing trip! Brazil sounds wonderful.