Thursday, October 2, 2008

Can you believe I get PAID to do this??

Sometimes I just can't believe I get PAID to do what I do. I mean really, what woman in her right mind doesn't love going to the garden center? Now, just imagine how much better a trip to the garden center would be if you knew you were getting PAID to go there and meander about the beautiful flower displays? Doesn't that sound like heaven?!

Well, today I got a chance to visit a local garden center here and it was decked out in it's fabulous Fall finery. I couldn't believe how great it looked allready at the front door! Check out this wonderful pot!

As I was snapping photos at the front door, someone behind me remarks "What makes you think you can just snap pictures around here?!" I turned around, ready to defend myself, unsure of which response would be the best response to this question. What a relief to find out that it was someone who recognized me from a few years ago when I was still the main sales contact for all the independant garden centers and he was a buyer. He exclaimed "Don't you recognize me?! We used to talk all the time!". Unfortunately for me, our contact was mainly by phone so I could only recognize the voice. Apparently I used to stop by all my clients at Christmas with a box of chocolates and he was really missing that little visit. I will have to remind Junior to do the rounds this year and drop off some Purdy's Hedgehogs if he wants to make some friends in the Independant Garden Center circuit.

Well, the front gate display turned out to be only a small beginning of the inspiration inside. I just love it when someone creative puts together little vignettes to help the consumer with ideas on design! Just look at these fantastic front door displays. Aren't these just something drool worthy?! Can you BELIEVE I get PAID to do this?!


My little Angel and her new husband got back from their honeymoon this week so we organized a "Welcome Home Party" and get together up all those exciting looking wedding presents.
The happy couple opened presents for over an hour. The wrapping paper pile continued to grow. What a treasure doesn't seem like the economy can be in a slump with this mountain of gifts.

To all those who donated to this cause, I'm sure you'll be getting your thank you card in the mail soon but, I'd like to say THANK YOU here already. I know the blushing bride and her gallant fellow were overwhelmed by your love and support. I also think they may have to start looking for a bigger basement suite to hold all this stuff :)


11 Responses to “Can you believe I get PAID to do this??”

Nola @ Alamo North said...

Lucky girl, you got a great job! I know it's probably more hectic than you let on; work usually is, well...WORK! But it's nice it's something you enjoy.

Rosa said...

Sign me Up!!
Sounds like the job for me. :)
Oh wait. . .
then I'd have to do all that other not very fun stuff. Never mind. :)
Glad to hear the kids made it home. Hope they had a good time.

The Berry's Patch said...

Hi there. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love the garden pictures! Nice to meet you. :-)

Saucy said...

Unwrapping is so overwhelming! They look like they had fun.

You had fun at the garden centre! Good ones where you live, I'm sure. Ruddy ones here.

antigoni said...

It's a blessing when your job is also your hobby. The happiness of your new couple's face is obvious.

Reader Wil said...

Beautiful account of your daughter's wedding. It's as if we are present at the wedding. Thanks for your visit and comment. Yes I have been back in my country Holland since 24th of August after a 6 weeks stay with my daughter. in Australia. I like concerts and certainly attended many of them in those old cathedrals when I was younger, but nowadays I don't like to go out at nights. I watch concerts at TV sitting in an easy chair with a cup of coffee.

the undomesticated wife said...

Thanks for visiting my blog!

I would *love* to work at a nursery! However, I'd probably kill everything. :( I've always said that if I won the lottery, I'd still work, but I'd do something "fun" like work in a garden center! I'm jealous you get to do it all the time!

Lola Enchanted said...

Wow, what a job!! What is it exactly you do? Unless I missed it!!!!! I want your job title!

Enjoy your weekend!

Natalie said...

Yes, I can definitely believe you get paid to do that...because you are so very good at it! Beautiful!

Shannon said...

I loved looking through your blog! All your pictures are so pretty!

jennykate77 said...

OMgosh! The pictures are gorgeous...I LOVE your job! :) Thanks for visiting my blog. Your blog is great!