Monday, September 8, 2008

Someone's been on the computer a lot lately

I think I've mentioned that I have 5 kids before, haven't I? I know, 5 sounds like a lot but, in actual fact, it makes for a nice round 7 as a total to our family. That means I have 7 towels to wash per week (if everyone follows my 1 towel rule) and 7 loads of laundry to do per week. It's not too bad if you do a little every day.

It also means that the front shoe closet is a very cluttered place. You do the math......7 people times 3 pairs of shoes each (Sunday shoes, every day shoes, and rainy day shoes) equals a whopping 21 pairs. I may have a few more than 3 pairs myself but.....they don't count, right ladies?

Anyway, an amazing thing happened when the kids were only a twinkle in our eyes, while they were still only zygotes swimming about.......they all hit the jackpot when it comes to the artistic genes! I've been pondering this week about how it's possible that they all have such great musical gifts. I had time to ponder because I was busy once again driving them back and forth to music lessons now that school's back in session.

Did you know that musical people are also quite often very artistic as well? Somehow, playing music and drawing seem to go hand in hand. Well, the women in this family are particularly artistic and it is just fantastic to watch how they are able to use today's new technologies to create amazing art.

Next week is Mini Me's birthday and she was getting a bit concerned about how all the wedding preparations might overshadow her big day. So, a few weeks ago she convinced me that I should buy her birthday present early. She asked if I would buy her a Bamboo for her birthday to help her artistic career reach the next level of professionalism. Now, I'm not technologically savvy at all. As a matter of fact, computers tend to crash when I'm in the vicinity so, needless to say, I had never heard of a bamboo. But Mini Me did some research on the Internet and knew exactly where to get this new fandagled contraption. So, off we went to London Drugs to get her early Birthday present.

Since she got her Bamboo, a sort of virtual pen and paper that relays your drawing to your computer screen, Mini Me has been drawing non stop. She is glued to her computer for hours, creating cartoon characters that are just wonderful. I keep telling her "You're gonna be the next Walt Disney".

Now I've got her busy making me some characters for my little Angel's reception program.....but first she has to finish her super hero characters that her sister needs for a school project. Hmmm! Sounds like I won't be getting to much help from her with the wash this week.


6 Responses to “Someone's been on the computer a lot lately”

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I love the portrait. The subjects are beautiful and the setting is pretty!

Never heard of Bamboo...thank you for writing about it! Yes, your daughter just might be the next Walt Disney!

marina said...

Encourage her to continue! She has IT!!!

Rue said...

You have just given me a great idea for Annie's birthday present! She wants to be an animator when she grows up :)

Good luck with all that laundry! ;)


Rosa said...

I saw her drawings on Facebook over the week end.
They are amazing! I was trying to figure out how she got such a finished look but now I know!
Very cool.

antigoni said...

We are five in the house and i have to do laundry once or twice per day. So i know the feeling. But the worst is the ironing. Your daughter's cartoons are great. And tell her happy birthday from me.

Brenda said...

Oh, how elated you must be to have likely passed on the artistic gene! But tell me where you get the "skinny after five kids" gene? I must have been standing in the wrong line when they handed that one out. And I only have two grown kids.