Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Yesterday Brenda at http://thebrendablog.typepad.com/thebrendablog/ asked me the following question:

Do you ever have time to chill?

How convenient that you asked me that question because it fits perfectly with my post today. The answer to that question is:

Yes! My sister Rosa over at http://rose-gardendiary.blogspot.com/ doesn't believe me so I am hereby submitting photographic PROOF that I know how to CHILL just as good as the next guy.

This past weekend the Big Guy and I went out for the evening with some very special people. Meet Mr. Bow Tie and his wife, Smiley. We rarely get to visit with these two so it was a real treat to be able to take a bit of time out to visit together.

Based on some internet research, it was discovered that there is a very good Brew Pub here in Vancouver, perhaps the best in Canada if you believe everything you read on the internet. So we all decided to hike out to Yale Town in the heart of our fair city. It used to be an industrial area but has been reconstructed into a wonderfully busy, downtown meandering spot.

Now, I know very little about Beer so this was an eye opening experience for me. Did you know that there are a lot of different Beer recipes? Did you know that there are people who take their Beer as seriously as Wine? Some beers have more Hopps. Some have more Wheat. We got the sampler so we could all take a sip and figure out which type suited us best. Did you know that Beer officianados look for the quality of the foam rings a beer leaves behind on the side of the cup? Did you know that when the Bible speaks of "strong drink" it's not talking about whiskey (distilling had not yet been invented) but BEER? Boy, did I learn a lot about Beer. I'm going to have to pay a little more attention to this beverage :)

Thanks to Mr. Bow Tie and Mrs. Smiley for a lovely evening spent chillin'


8 Responses to “Chillin'”

Nancy-Mom said...

I recognize that shirt and bow tie, that was after that inspiring lecture???? :o) here you were out chillin and we were driving back to Vernon again. How many times have we done that now ? I'm sure your chillin was way more exciting ? (except for the beer, yuck!!!)

Nola @ AlamoNorth said...

Oh, yes, there's a lot to learn about beer! I love to visit local breweries whenever we travel and taste something local. It's always a surprise, sometimes good, sometimes, er, uh,...different!

Rosa said...

Beer stinks! Literaly. Yuck.
Glad you had a nice visit though! :)

LovingLynden said...

Awww... I miss going out for beer with Mr. Bow Tie and Mrs. Smiley :-( I'm glad you had a good time though!

The Brenda Blog said...

I have to agree with your sister. I think beer looks like piss and tastes like vinegar. But then I hate the taste of wine also. There's no pleasing me when it comes to liquor, I'm afraid. And we all know I'm not a prude. (and certainly not afraid to speak my mind!) Just hate the taste. I'm so glad, though, to see that you do indeed have time for fun!

antigoni said...

I don't like beer but i know many things about this beverage. I hope you had relaxing time. You sure deserve it.

marina said...

I like a gold beer with my lunch or dinner only in the summer. That's how I earned 3 kilos in my weight!!!
*Lucky you!!!Your Poinsettias put you in the Christmas way already!*

The Brenda Blog said...

Couldn't find your email address. If you'll email/send it to me, I'll steer you to an article I read in a magazine last night about people "having" to buy flowers, regardless of the economy.