Saturday, September 27, 2008

CAUTION: Baking Brownies can be DANGEROUS!

Here's a little tidbit of information you probably don't know about me.

I don't bake!

I know, I know, some ladies may think that this is a shocking revelation for any self respecting mother and wife to make but it's true. I really don't bake. My father and grandfather before him were bakers extraordinaire. I remember running into the bakery as a child and watching dad glazing donuts by the hundreds.

Regardless of those fabulous childhood memories.......I DON'T BAKE. One day I may reveal the "why" but, suffice it to say, my kids didn't realize for years that muffins don't come from the store but they come out of the OVEN! (Thanks to my sister Lisa for introducing them to this wonderful new concept of home made goodies).

The other night, Danny Boneduce and Mini Me decided they were going to bake brownies just like Aunty Lisa. A number of things had to be purchased since I don't think I've had lard in my house for at least 20 years. Once all the ingredients were assembled, the kids still had to run across the street for icing sugar. If you don't don't need icing sugar.

Anyway, things looked like they were going great so I decided to get a few things done, leaving the kids to their own devices. In hindsight, that was probably not the best idea I've ever had.

Things were going great. The kids were having a ton of fun. Suddenly, all the fun came crashing to a halt when Danny Bondeduce picked up a cookie sheet to move it off the top of the stove. Little did he know, the element was on underneath the cookie sheet. It took a few seconds for him to feel the pain and by that time, all 8........count them........8 fingertips were blistered and burnt.

What?! Are you kidding?! You burnt all 8 fingertips?! How on earth are you going to play Cello at your lesson this evening?! Oh NO!

So, my evening ended a little differently than I had in mind. We sat for 2 hours in the emergency room waitng to be seen by the triage nurse.......for my American readers, be glad you don't have public medical care because when the government runs out of money, you have to have a limb dangling by a thread or a hand almost severed to get any attention in the Emergency room.

Anyway, Danny Boneduce is doing much better today. He even managed to play Hockey yesterday regardless of the fact that I made him tape gauze all over his finger tips to avoid infection from his not so clean gloves. He even managed to score a goal with all that tape cramping his Wayne Gretzky like style.

Mini Me wanted to prove to me that baking can be done without injury and made us some chocolate chip cookies last night. Yummy!


9 Responses to “CAUTION: Baking Brownies can be DANGEROUS!”

Rosa said...

Only at your house! LOL
Well not really. . .
Have you seen some of Lisa's burn scars?!!
Hope he feels better soon, poor guy.

The Brenda Blog said...

Sorry about his accident! I rarely cook or bake myself. Actually, here in America we pay for our health care, but two hours would be nothing to spend in an ER. As all the people who don't have insurance go there. There is a critical shortage of doctors and nurses here period. And the health insurance industry here has gone amok with their prices and hideous ways! So I don't know if we fare any better, unfortunately, for our money...

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Oh poor baby. I feel his pain. Burns are no fun! Did you run his hands under cold water as soon as he burned them. That really helps.

momofcrt said...

oh boy oh boy
should I tell you that over the past two days I baked four batches of sour cream pound cake (two of them chocolate)
four loaves of cinnamon bread and a tray of buns?
I LOVE baking, thus the increase in width ;-)

Ruth Welter said...

Hi Tamara,

Nice to meet you, thanks for stopping by.

Well, I don't bake often, reason being that my husband and I are what I like to call, "scarfers" meaning we must eat whatever is baked, brought or otherwise appears in this house. We both have a very big sweet tooth and sweets can get polished off in record time around here.

Baked goods especially, are not safe. : )


antigoni said...

Don't you feel helpless when your babies have an injury? I hope he feels better. You are so good to so many things. Don't you worry about the baking. Noone can judge you.

marina said...

Since the day I started diet all the blogs I'm visiting have something for food or sweets. Is SOMEONE trying to tell me something?...To quit the diet perhaps...? "No, no Marina, be strong, you have lost three kilos already, don't think the brownies- chocolate- cakes-...."

Saucy said...

Ouchers! Burns are the worst. I will stop whining about my teeny-tiny waffle iron sizzle this morning.

Kathi~Lavender, Lace and Thyme said...

Oh my, I wasn't sure if I should be laughing or crying...great fun until "Danny" was hurt, I hope he heals quickly and tries his hand at baking again...good job mini me! your baking looks wonderful! :D